Blackhawk Chiropractic


I absolutely love this place! I recently just had a baby, actually in the past 3 years.. I have had 2 babies. It's put a lot of strain on my upper back and hip/pelvic area. I just starting doing an new excercise program to lose the baby weight and this pain has in my back and hip has made it really hard to get a work our in. I go here occasionally when I let it get real bad. But this week I went 2 times, right after doing my workouts. And let me tell u.. I feel like I am new woman! I couldn't be more happier! Thanks Blackhawk chiropractic!

-Janice Olson

This place is amazing. It feels like a family reunion every time my family comes in. Everyone one of us has been getting adjusted here for over 9 years.

-Susie Kennedy Puckett

I have had neck and back issues going on 12 years now. I have been treated by other Chiropractors in the past but I never really got any relief from the pain. I decided to send my Husband (Paul) to Dr. Tsai when he began to have back problems. I had heard such good things about him and his office. When I found out that Paul would have to go for corrective care visits more than one day a week at first, I thought there is no way that he will fulfill that commitment, he is not very good in that department. Dr. Tsai helped him tremendously and he finished all of his corrective care visits and continues to keep his now monthly appointments. Since Dr. Tsai helped him so much I figured I had nothing to lose. If the results ended up being the same as with the other doctors then I guess I was just meant to live with daily pain. I am so very happy and thankful to say that I made the best decision to change doctors. I no longer have daily pain. My neck and head hurt every day, now I go days without pain. I could not get through my work day without putting heat on my neck, I cannot remember the last time I had to use heat in order to sit at my computer. Dr. Tsai and his staff are the best around and I am so grateful to him for not only making me better, but being the kind of Doctor that truly cares about his patients. If every doctor and his staff were as committed to their patients’ health and well-being as much as Dr. Tsai and his staff are, this world be a much better place!

THANK YOU Dr. Tsai as well as your entire staff, you guys ROCK!

-Michelle and Paul Joy

I've had allergies for years I first started treatment in 2007 seven and within a few weeks allergies where gone.

-Paul Hunter

Seriously the best chiropractor on the planet!

-Elizabeth Ware

You can't Beat the services Blackhawk Chiropractic has to offer I sure miss living in the area, no Chiroprator compares to Dr. Tsai and his staff. I recently moved to Pittsburgh Greentree area and visited a Chiropractor today 8-11-15 and they never gave me a X- Ray because they had no machine... When I was asked to bend to touch my toes I couldn't so luckily I had Dr. Tsai's X-ray card still in my wallet. How convenient!! The Dr never even asked or cracked my neck. It was a in an out experience no massage tables like Dr. Tsai's Facility either ughhhh missing Blackhawk Chiropractic and Dr. Tsai. You can really tell if you ever visited any other Chiropractor just how much Dr. Tsai cares about your health and experience there. Plus you got a 5 star Gym right below! Hope all is we'll guys !!! Keep changing Lives.

-Johnny Hill

Dr. Tsai has done amazing things for both me and a lot of my family through the years. He's not just a great doctor, he's a great person! This is the only Dr. Office i actually want to go back to, the doc's and staff are great!

-Ricky Dilworth

Without Dr Tsai's monthly adjustments, I'd still be walking with a cane or even by now a walker. He has handled my scoliosis issues as well as my Meniere's Disease issues... and is now helping my husband recover from his pinched nerve in his back ! Can't find the words to describe how remarkable we both feel and it's all due to Dr Tsai!

-Maryagness Stuck

I can't thank Dr. Tsai enough for what he has done for me. I am now able to walk without my hip hurting me to the point I had to use a cane. Two treatments and it was amazing..Thank You Dr. are a God send!

-Jo Ann Williams

Best experience ever. Im telling anyone who thinks they might need care. Come here. This place is second to none. Most caring and personal staff. Double thumbs up!!!! Thank you Dr. Tsai for the amazing care you provide. A place where you feel like your with family and friends. Amazing!!

-Robert Joseph Minamyer

I have been a patient of Dr Tsai's for many years. He is the only chiropractor who can fully adjust my stubborn neck and SI joints. Simply the BEST!

-Victoria Davanzo-Dubinsky

Only been here twice but i love this place. They show genuine concern for their patients.

-Jennifer Baker First

Can't say enough about these wonderful people! Thank you Thank you!

-Jeanne Seaman

I highly recommend Blackhawk Chiropractic.

-BeckyJo Kadilak

Best chiropractor ever.

-Denise Frederick Mathews

I love u guys so much ur awesome!

-Jessica Lynne

If you want someone who is great at what they do, compassionate, sincere, and an all around great guy. Dr. Tsai is the chiropractor for you.. After seeing him, I will never see anyone else.. Yes at times it may be a little painful but he will get you in and will do everything to help you! Highly recommend him!

-Kristina Pearson

I taught college for ten years until new carpet was installed, and I got dizzy when I entered my classroom.   I was diagnosed with multi-chemical sensitivities.  When exposed to petroleum by-products like perfume, asphalt, new building materials and cleaning chemicals, I get an upset stomach, dizziness,  and bad headaches.  I did not teach for three years until I came to Blackhawk Chiropractic for treatment.  With regular adjustments, I was able to teach another fifteen years until retirement this year.  I am so grateful to have been able to continue the teaching career that I loved.  The treatments at Blackhawk Chiropractic boosted my immune system  so that I could sustain exposure to industrial strength cleaning chemicals in the classroom and even keep a clear  head when exposed to the perfume that my students wore.  

Because of Dr. Tsai I came to understand that chiropractic adjustments are for more  than just backaches.

-Karen Boyle

I've been a patient here for almost 20 years now. I first came to Dr Tsai after a car accident that i was in. I'd suffered from severe headaches for 2 years and pain and tingling in both my arms. With no other options other than taking poisonous OTC pain meds I was referred by a friend and have never been to a chiropractor before.

From the minute I walked in and met with Dr Tsai and his staff I knew deep down that I was going to get better. I saw him three times a week for about 6 weeks. During that time I stopped taking Tylenol and Advil. This was big because I never left home without them. I started sleeping like a rock, which was uncommon as well.  At the end of my initial treatment I was a different person. I could spring out of bed in the morning without a stiff neck. I had full range of motion like I was a kid. You forgot what its like not to be able to look over your shoulder or be able to look down without bending over. Since then Dr Tsai has treated all my family and friends all with great results. He's gone above and beyond what any doctor I've ever met. He's worked with friends/family who did not have insurance or who had very little money at all. Dr Tsai even treated my mother in law  when she hurt her back on a Sunday when he wasn't even working! Have you ever heard of a Dr that would go in on a Sunday to help a patient??

Dr Tsai will always be my Chiropractor of choice no matter where I live. And i will always be grateful for his care and compassion that he's not only shown me but my friends and family as well.

-Patrick Sullivan

Absolutely amazing Dr. Tsai and his staff are wonderful and I've never felt better!

-Stephanie Palmer